Functional Medicine with Cara Innus, PA-C

What is Functional Medicine?

A Functional Medicine approach to patient care works to address potential underlying causes of diseases using a system-based approach. Often there is an imbalance in a physiological system that needs to be addressed. Lifestyle changes are a critical part of the treatment plan for most patients. When potential inflammatory triggers are removed from a patient’s lifestyle, and healthy lifestyle habits are initiated, health benefits can be achieved. The ultimate goal is to reestablish balance within the body, and to restore a feeling of wellness. This is done by engaging that patient in a therapeutic partnership as their health issues are thoroughly evaluated.

What Patients Can Expect

Prior to being seen, the patient will complete a detailed online intake form which will most likely take about two hours to complete. The initial office visit will be 90 minutes in length, and regular follow up visits will be scheduled. This program is intended for a person who is highly motivated to make lifestyle and dietary changes that will potentially impact both systems and disease states.

About Cara Innus, PA-C

Cara has two decades of experience working in both Family Medicine and Rheumatology, and she is a Physician Assistant educator. Her love of providing patient education, preventative medicine, lifestyle interventions, and teaching led her to the Institute of Functional Medicine for additional training. Adding the principles of Functional Medicine to patient care has shown positive outcomes for her patients. She primarily works with patients impacted by autoimmune disease. She looks forward to working with you individually, and developing a lifestyle plan that is personalized to your needs and goals.